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BYOC Analog Delay kit är tillbaka! Uppdaterad version, ny kretslayout, nytt utseende, lägre pris!

REAL analog delay! Not ”analog-like” digital delay. This uses the V3205 bucket brigade delay chip to provide 300ms of pure, warm, vintage, analog delay. The circuit is based on the BOSS DM-2. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors in the signal path have been replaced with higher quality film capacitors for improved clarity over the original DM-2. Carbon film resistors have been replaced with metal film resistors for a lower noise floor than the original DM-2. And the buffered bypass has been replaced with true mechanical bypass for zero tone suck. When it comes to slap back and ambient echo/delay, it just doesn’t get any better than this.


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  1. Scott Langenfeld

    What a GREAT pedal. Albin at Moodysounds built this gem for me. It has a permanent spot on my pedalboard. It is a true analog delay, with each repeat breaking up a little more each time. The delay time are outstanding, from short almost slapback to long drawn out, second long repeats. From single to endless repeats the versatility of this pedal is fantastic!! Your tone is left intact completely, it does not matter if the pedal is on or off, the True bypass switch and analog circuitry guarantees that. I highly recommend this pedal to anyone and everyone.
    Culture Shock

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