BTMB Royal Beaver

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This isn’t for the causal muff user. If you’re not a die-hard muff fan who knows the difference between all the versions and the history of the big muff pi, then this pedal will just confuse you. But if you are a true fan of the muff, and you understand what makes one version different from the other, then this pedal will make perfect sense to you. This is the ultimate big muff pi clone. It can recreate every muff tone from the first Triangle era version to the Ram’s Head to the Green Russian to the original NYC version and then some. How does it do it? By allowing you to configure each transistor clipping stage’s gain, bias, and + voltage supply. With an extra 3rd transistor clipping stage, and a 4-way EQ switch, it can create new tones you didn’t know were possible from a Big Muff. Runs on a 9VDC power supply or single 9V battery. Comes with manual that has settings for all major vintage versions.


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