3D model pedal box (125B 3 knobs)

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Print your own pedal box! This is a 3D model pedal box (STL file) that you can download and print with a 3D Printer (the printer prints a pedal box as shown).

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Load your 3D printer with this 3D model file and print a 125b pedal box! Choose the print quality and material yourself.

The box is adapted to some of Moody’s kits with PCB mounted pots, which will be released in the spring of 21, but it can of course be used for other builds. The tele jacks on the short side, together with the 3PDT foot switch, sets a limit for how large a board can be mounted in the box.

Estimated maximum circuit board size is about 50 x 57mm (57mm is the inside width of the box).

Exterior dimensions (L x W x H): 121 x 66 x 40 mm
Length: 121 mm
Width: 66 mm

The holes have the following dimensions
Potentiometer: 7 mm
Foot switch: 12 mm
Telejack: 9.5 mm
Current jack: 12 mm
LED: 4.8 mm

3 mm screws can be used as mounting screws for the lid. Buy pedal parts that fit the box, and have it sent to you, or use the one you already have. The following parts fit perfectly:

Footswitch 3pdt blue
Mono telejack
Stereo telejack
Current jack
Battery connector

Picture 5 and picture 6 show the construction of a Moody Fuzz in our prototype print of “3D model pedal box (125B 2 knobs)”. Note that an extra cord must be connected between the tele jacks for grounding, the box does not conduct electricity.