Blue Overdrive kit deluxe (excl. mod kit)

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BYOC Blue Overdrive kit (excl. mod kit) in an enclosure with paint and screenprint. Same kit as Blue Overdrive kit but with painted box and Boss style mini knobs.

The BOSS BD-2 is one of the most loved current production pedals. It offers a massive range of gain from a nearly perfect clean boost an almost full-on distortion. It is a FET based overdrive that offers a nice alternative to all the tube screamer and klon based clones.

It is touted as being able to reproduce the tone of not just a tube amp, but an old tube amp.  The BYOC Blue Overdrive provides all the tone of the original BD-2, but with all metal film resistors and capacitors an true bypass, it delivers it with less noise and zero tone suck when in bypass.

The BD-2 is also one of the best circuits to modify. The BYOC Blue Overdrive is a lot easier to modify than a stock BOSS pedal. There’s TONS of BD-2 mods out there.  We offer a separate mod pack to perform one of the most common BD-2 mods.

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Level of difficulty: 4 (of 5)
Download schematic to Blue Overdrive kit
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