We offer this slimmed version of Carlin vintage Phaser kit for those who already have a 2nd hand wah wah and want to replace the electronics (or have any other idea with the build…). The instructions are not exhaustively written for such a change and may require some knowledge of you who build! You should know some about pedal building to make the change.

Carlin Phaser kit, only circuit board and related components. Also included are components that let you control the phaser with a pot (but the pot itself is not included).

Remember your are on your on your own way when you are building this kit. We can not kown what your box is like. However, hopefully, the following information about mounting Carlin Phaser in the 2nd hand wah wah box, put some meat on your legs, to see if it suits you.

* Traditional wah’s are often adjusted with a 100k potentiometer. It’s the same with Carlin Phaser. If you have a 100k wah pot in your pedal, you can use it.
* Older crybaby pedals have a 1pdt foot switch to toggle between bypass and effetcs mode. If you manage without a true bypass, you can use it for the new circuit. Otherwise, you can upgrade with a 2pdt or a 3pdt to get true bypass.
* Carlin Phaser circuit board has two holes for mounting in a chassis. The diagonal distance between the holes is 61 mm. You can measure your box and see if it fits! Otherwise, you can glue or use only one of the screw holes.
* If your wah wah has a battery cover, it may unfortunately “collide” with the new card when the cover comes on.
* Carlin circuit boards have dimensions (width x height) 70×78 mm. There is space to place a battery between the short side of the crybaby box and the PCB.
* Of course, you can pick up items in the online store if there is something extra you need.



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