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Carlin Phaser v2 kit

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Carlin Phaser is unique in that it gives you a phaser in…

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Carlin Phaser is unique in that it gives you a phaser in a wah style. It’s really something different from what’s on the market. Here you can steplessly adjust the phase, and in this way find new lights and shades of your tone. The pedal should not be used as regular wah wah. It does better with slow sweeping movements. And it can be left in a certain position in the stomp to give you special tones.

This is a little more difficult to build! On the one hand, the circuit contains a little more components than our other kits (47 resistors and 18 transistors) and on the other it requires fine tuning of screws in the box itself before the pedal is good. Add to that the work with a piece of wood that makes the pedal feel right. You should have access to a fine saw and as file to do the construction. And the pedal requires some fine tuning before it sounds perfect!

We used to use a traditional wah pot to adjust the pedal. New with version 2 is that a wooden “tooth” is lowered in front of an LED that lights on an LDR (see Figure 2). It works just fine if only the tooth has the correct profile. Additionally, you do not have to worry about getting the pot to fit the rack. And moreover, this design is more like the original.

Carlin Phaser kit

No strange components: the signal passes 8 phase stages, built up by 18 transistors and some 47 resistors, and each stage changes phase when the amount of light to the circuit’s LDR’s is changed. The light flow depends on the current through an LED, and this flow is controlled by adjusting the light flow from an LED to an LDR (no scratch after long use  in other words, we have optical transmission).

The Carlin Phaser kit includes one of our wah wah boxes. You can choose a color other than a black box if it is only in stock, see here.

– Is the clone really a clone?
– The kit / clone is different as follows

1. The clone has true bypass.
2. The clone has the input on the right side of the box – the original has an input on the left.
3. The clone does not have effect-on light indicator – the original has it.
4. The clone is powered by 9V adapter – the original is powered by 3 x 1.5V batteries.
5. The clone’s logo is in the form of a sticker – the original has a sheet of metal with printed text.
6. The clone is built in a “cry baby style” box of the same size as the classic crybaby boxes – the original box is made of bent metal, a bit bigger and heavier.
7. The sound circuit is identical to the original. We have even tried to use the same beautiful circuit board layout as Carlin designed for the original (but adapted to the “cry baby style” box and the LED driver circuit of course).
8. The clone variations are adjusted by sliding a disc in front of an LED that lights on an LDR. The original’s phase variation are made when a paper tube is lowered over a light bulb.

Build manual

Level of difficulty: 5 (of 5)
The manual for Carlin Phaser v2 kit (Swedish)

Earlier versions

The manual for Carlin Phaser v1 kit (Swedish)

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  1. Patrick Taylor

    4 out of 5

    Rich but subtle. You get the sweep of a full 8 stage phase shift but without the mechanical regularity of an LFO. Controlling the sweep manually is incredibly useful for accentuating chord changes and different phrases in songs. Useful for Prog or Psychedelia. Would probably be great if you’re laying down House tracks or doing Funk as well. The pedal has no feedback stages so the phase shifts remain sweet but not fat sounding. A mod to add in feedback would be interesting. No controls other than moving the treadle itself. Nice and simple for live situations.
    I built mine a couple of years ago and it’s performed flawlessly. Lots of parts but the kit wasn’t as daunting as it first seemed. Minor troubleshooting and a change of 1 resistor value to get things right. Moody Sounds were very helpful and responded to my troubleshooting questions quickly.

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