When you listen to vinyls with Swedish 70’s progressive “progg” music you can sometimes hear the floating and dreaming tones that are characteristic for the Carlin Phaser. And if you read the text on albums the pedals and Nils Olof Carlin are sometimes given special thanks! This pedal requires a special enclosure to be cloned exactly. This is because the original makes use of a plastic tube that is lowered over a light bulb to produce the phase change. Nils Olof designed a circuit that makes it possible to build the phaser in a wah like box. The audio circuit is identical but the way the change is made is a bit different in other words. The clone has also true bypass, input on the right side and it is powered with 9V power supply. We are proud to present the Carlin Phaser clone!

Carlin Phaser clone

It has not been easy to clone Carlin Phaser and adjust the phase with a potentiometer. But now we have found way to adjust it that does not use a pot at all. It is more like the original!

The principle in the original circuit is that a pipe is lowered over a light bulb when moving the moving part of the pedal. Thus, the light flow is affected to photocells that are located on the circuit board. Photocells are connected to the circuit’s phase stages and light changes mean resistance changes which in turn means phase changes.

Nils Olof designed an extra circuit in 2013, when we started building his pedals again. With the new circuit you can control the brightness of an LED with a 100k pot. Suitable to be built in a wah wah with a standard pot resistance value. It turned out to be some trouble to find wah boxes that fit with available pots. The latest version goes past the pot completely. We have put a “wooden tooth” at the point where there is normally a rack gear. When the tramp with the tooth is moved, the light flux changes between an LDR LED, the LED mounted on the place where the pot normally sits (see image 2). The LDR is connected to the circuit in the same way that the pot was earlier. It works well, better. No skipping gears. No difficulty finding matching rack / gear. We can proudly present the Carlin Phaser v2!

The Carlin Phaser is an all analog eight stage phaser pedal built in a wah enclosure. You can freely change the phase with your foot as you play and you are not bound to any fixed LFO settings. You will find out that you will use the pedal a bit differently than a traditional wah. Instead of rocking the plate up and down you can produce floating tones by moving it smoothly. And just a small changes of position produces a great effect – almost like if the sound is moving you around in the room as you play. The signal passes eight phase changing stages, all affected by the brightness of a warm white LED, and the tone variation is big

We are summing up the differences between the clone and the original here
1. The clone has true bypass – the original has buffered bypass.
2. The clone has the input on the right side of the pedal – the input is to the left on the original.
3. The power supply for the clone is 9V power supply – the original is powered with 3 x 1,5 V battery.
4. The clone is built in a “crybaby style box” – the original is built in a specially designed box of slightly bigger size (and weighs a little more)
5. The audio circuits are identical but the light changes are made differently (as already mentioned.
6. The clone’s plate stays in the position you leave it in (as a regular crybaby) – the original’s plate falls back to one position as you let go of it.
7. We even made the PCB layout similar to that of the original. With respect for the different dimensions of the box of course and that a LED instead of a light bulb is affecting the photocells.

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