It is not possible to order kits from Simon the Magpie through us anymore. Read more about his cretions, download the build instructions here.

Simon the Magpie Stutter kit is a rock hard signal charger/tremolo based on a phone with number dial. Select any number – the shortcut will cut the sound so many times!

The construction is simple (see Figure 2) when you have the hole for the number plate. The kit comes with a drilled pedal box (1590bb) and the accessories needed to build the stutter pedal.

Magpie Stutter has a brief construction manual: Attach one cord, which goes the disc, to tip on one jacket. Attach the second cord from the disc to the tip of the other jacket. Unscrew everything. Clear! What is used as in and out does not matter.

Note that there are some variations in the performance of this pedal. The kit currently in stock now has cream-colored numbering discs that are built in a 1590bb box (as the picture).

Also, note that you can get a little trim to get the disc to be seated in the box in the best possible way. The kit comes with two plate washers with screws that you can use, but you may need some form of a tray for even better mounting. Below are Magpie Sticks in Box Model Larger.


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