Large Beaver Rams Head kit deluxe

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BYOC Large Beaver rams head kit in an screen printed enclosure (white with purple text). Apart from this same kit as Large Beaver rams head.

Spot-on tone with the added flexibility of a tone bypass and a scooped/flat/hump mids selector switch has made the BYOC Large Beaver the standard for vintage Muff Clones for over a decade.

NOS BC239C transistors and high quality metal film resistors and capacitors provide all the tone of the ’76 Ram’s Head Era Muff, but with much less noise.

There’s some debate about what exactly Triangle Era specs and what Ram’s Head Era specs should be. So we decided to investigate for ourselves. We sampled dozens of vintage Big Muffs and recorded the component values for dozens of specimens. We then compiled the data to determine what the average value (or closest to a standard component value) was for each component. This gives us a far better idea of what the intended component values should be and a tone that is more consistently familiar.

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Level of difficulty: 4 (of 5)
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