Moody Boost gives a strong output and it covers fairly clean sound to rough rock n roll. If you have a good amplifier, Moody Boost can push it and make it sound “more”.

Two knobs: Boost – adjusts the amplification of the circuit. Volume – attenuates the signal and sets the right output volume.

The point with having two knobs, “one that raises, one that lowers” is that Boost also sets overdrive. If you want an overdrive from the pedal, turn up Boost and set Vol to a suitable level. If you want a cleaner sound from the pedal, and get more of the amp’s natural overdrive, keep Boost low and turn up Vol.

Moody Boost has true bypass and it is powered with a 9V power supply or battery.

Moody Boost is also available as a DIY kit, Moody Boost kit


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