Moody Buffer kit

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Moody Buffer kit

Moody Buffer can do magic if you are using long tele cables or if you have vintage gear on your pedal board. Assembled pedal, on Moody Sounds’ shelf!

The circuit in itself is simple, it is made up of an OP amp set up to give high input impedance and low output impedance. The signal is buffered without being phase inverted. You will find similar circuits on the market for a lot more- the question is if they do a lot more?

The build is housed in a 1590a box and the jacks are set off line on each side. The current jack is on the short side of the box.

The circuit is furnished with a protection diode for reverse polarity power supply.

Build manual

Level of difficulty: 2 (of 5)
The manual to Moody Buffer kit (v2.0 Swedish)

Earlier versions

Moody Buffer v1.0 kit (ca. 2010 – Jan 2019, Swedish)


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