Moody Dying Battery kit

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There may be many fun and unexpected effects when there is a battery that is giving up on a pedal. Moody Dying Battery kit simulates such a used battery. You connect a standard 9V adapter to the right-hand power jack of the pedal. The pedal, which will get the “dying battery”, connects to the left power jacket. Now you can adjust the voltage using the steering wheel, from 9V down to 2 to 3V.

Such a pedal is very lightweight, the circuit basically consists only of the two power jacks, a 25k potentiometer, and a 3.9k resistor. Give yourself a simple and fun build!

The Moody Dying Battery kit is included

1 x drill 1590A box “mini”
2 x power jacket (Lumberg)
1 x pot with steering wheel (pointer black)
1 x resistor
Cable, in printed manual

Difficulty: 1 (of 5)


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