Moody Fuzz kit DELUXE

Moody Fuzz kit in box with engraving with color inserts.

Moody Fuzz is a rock n roll pedal with a classic sound. Use it to get a nasty tone punch that follows the touch on the guitar in a neat way.

Very basic, two knobs, Fuzz and Volume. You can dial in a meaty lead sound with Fuzz turned up high. And you can use the pedal for rougher rhythm sounds with a lower setting on Fuzz. The Volume knobs sets the output volume right where you want it.

Moody Fuzz has true bypass. It is powered with a regular 9V adapter. You can solder on a battery contact to make battery power possible too.

Regarding the mods to Moody Fuzz kit. First it is very exciting to change the tone response of the circuit. This is easily done by changing the first capacitor “C1”. A few extra C1’s are included in the kit. A big C1 gives more bass. A low C1 gives less bass. It is also fun to see what the sound is like with different transistors. Two transistor sockets are included in the kit as well as two extra transistors, BC108C. You can try changing one or both and see how it affects the sound. Another popular mod is to change for germanium transistors. Read the suggestions for modifications section at the end of the manual to find out more. Also see the extended suggestions for mods pdf below (currently only in Swedish and referring to an earlier PCB layout).

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Build Manuals

Level of difficulty: 2 (of 5)
The manual to Moody Fuzz kit (English)
The manual to Moody Fuzz kit (Swedish)

Earlier versions

Moody Fuzz kit v3.1 manual (sep 12 – sep 15 English)
Moody Fuzz kit v3.0 manual (11 – sep 12 English)
Moody Fuzz kit v2 manual (08 – 11 English)
Moody Fuzz kit v1 manual (06 – 08 English)

Suggestions for modifications Moody Fuzz kit (v2 Swedish)


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