Sometimes it takes a Fuzz to get the right rock n roll solo!

Moody Fuzz has a model in the rock classic Fuzz Face, and it can reach the same raw and hard tones as it. But we have equipped the Moody Fuzz with a special 2k potentiometer with antilog curve. What this means is that you can dial in softer sounds as well. Yes, with Fuzz in the minimum and volume in the maximum, you have more of a booster with a rough sound. Many fuzzes on the market are built with a 1k pot, the Moody fuzz has a 2k pot, and you could say that you have 1 kilogram more fuzz available here!

The volume knob only controls volume and fixes the correct signal level to the amplifier.

We have chosen quality jacks and pots for this one so that it can withstand years of wear. These are Alpha pots, Lumberg jack and Switchcraft jacks. You kick it in with true bypass so there is no risk that it loads the guitar in bypass.

The circuit board has a trimmer if you want to fine-tune the bias and set a more broken fuzz that sounds “starved”. This is a silicon fuzz and the transistors are called BC549C. It has probably not made itself known as a classic fuzz face transistor, but the circuit sounds good in our opinion so they will stay in there!

Text and logo are an engraving directly in the metal.

Moody Fuzz is also available as a DIY kit: Moody Fuzz kit.


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