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Operational amplifiers must have been seen as “next generation” by the end of the 60’s. The Fuzz Face is a transistor based fuzz and pedals like the RAT and MXR distortion+, which came a few years later, are built on OP-amps. There are many pedals in that family, what separates one from another is very often not more what resistors and capacitors that are sitting next to the OP. The amplification of the OP can be controlled id different ways and there are different ways to place the diodes to create the cut-effect of a distortion pedal. But in general, many of the OP-amp based pedals from this time are similar. Not said they sound the same – choice of component values mean a lot to the sound!

Moody OVERDrive kit

Moody Overdrive kit is based on an OP-amp and its PCB is designed to let diodes and drive-pot to be connected in different ways. The PCB “covers” different variations of the OP based OD’s. If you build it according to the manual you will get a pedal where the drive-pot and diodes connect in the same way as in the RAT. The Moody Drive is, in the suggested configuration, a little softer than the RAT and it has a sound slightly more to middle-treble.

You can easily increase or decrease the lows by a change of a capacitor. It is also a simple thing to adjust how much distortion the circuit shall produce. A few extra components for modifications are included in the kit if you want to try to tweak the sound.

You can also try what the distortion is like with other diodes than the 1N4148’s, which is suggested in the manual. Two LED’s and two extra 1N4148’s are included. The extra 1N4148’s allow you to try series connections of clipping diodes, yet another way to find new harmonics.

The Moody Drive has two controls, Drive / Dist and Volume. True Bypass!

Build Manuals

Level of difficulty: 3 (of 5)
The manual for Moody Drive kit (v3.3 English)
The manual for Moody Drive kit (v3.3 Swedish)

Earlier versions

The manual for Moody Drive kit (v3.2 Swedish)
Suggestions for modifications to Moody Overdrive (v.2 Swedish)


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