Moody Splitter kit

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Moody Splitter kit

1-in-3-out, these are the possibilities offered by the Splitter circuit. Based on a low-noise quad OP, TL074, it provides both high input impedance and low impedance for three independent outputs. Professional buffering and splitting in other words! Additionally with a boost from unity and upward!

We have provided Moody Splitter with a push button and a steering wheel. The pushbutton turns off / turns on the third output, C. Ponera to power two amplifiers with Moody Splitter. Now you can switch between A or A + C only with the pushbutton (the strengths connected to A and C).

Ponera that you want an AB box with buffering. By switching a little different to the switch, it is possible to arrange the switch to switch between A or B only. Or, why not between A + B and A + B + C!

The wheel is a gain boost that boosts from “unity” gain in mining mode to 26 times in max mode. (You who build can put bigger pot for greater reinforcement and override if you want, but extra counter pot is not included in the kit, use A50k instead of suggested A25k).

That each output is buffered by which one OP in the TL074’an, allows each output to be output with a volume pot that does not interfere with the neighbors. So there are several ways to connect this circuit. If you want to order a custom kit, be sure to hear!

In time, Moody Mixer kit, an update of Moody Mixern, is available for sale now.

Construction manuals

Difficulty: 3 (of 5)
The Moody Manuals Splitter kit (Swedish)
The Moody Splitter Kit (English) manual


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