Payment and Shipping terms

Moody Sounds handles orders on a daily basis. Same shipping fee for all orders outside Sweden, SEK 72 + VAT. 25%
VAT is added for customers within the EU. VAT is not added for customer outside the EU. Shipping within Sweden is SEK 39. Prices should be displayed incl. VAT for customers within the EU. Prices should be displayed excl. VAT for customer outside the EU.

Moody Sounds, VAT number SE751115291501, is a sole proprietorship company based in Färjestaden, Sverige. Most of the sales in this company are, since the start in 2006, in this webshop. Moody Sounds welcome customers worldwide. Different order- and shipping terms apply depending on your location. Please read more below.

Swedish customers
Shipping fee, for any order* that will be sent to a location in Sweden, is SEK 39 incl. VAT. If your order’s value exceeds SEK 300 (incl VAT) it will be sent as a “varubrev”. A “varubrev” is assigned a tracking id and you can track it on its way at from PostNords’ site. The tracking id is sent to your email address after the package is handed into the courier. This number is also sent as an SMS to you if you give your mobile phone number when you create your account or when you place the order.

If your order’s value is less than SEK 300 it will in general be sent as a “förstaklass brev” (“first class letter, see PostNords“) and a förstaklass brev is not assigned a tracking id. Regardless if it is sent as a commodity letter or a first class it should be delivered, or be available at your post agent, the week day after it is sent.

Moody Sounds uses PostNord, which is the main Swedish courier company, for sending letters and parcels. 

Orders are handled daily and I who run this business do my best to send your order the same day, or the day after, it is received. If you chose “prepayment to bankgiro” as payment option, count on one extra handling day. This is because it normally takes one day extra for bankgiro to process the payment.

I promise to inform you if there are any delays in handling your order. You can also email or call and tell what you want to order and where it shall be sent.

Customers outside Sweden
Moody Sounds welcome customers outside Sweden too. Because duty to pay VAT depend on your location, we make the following division of zones here:

1. Sweden
2. Europe within EU
3. Europe outside EU and rest of the world

The following holds for customers in zone 1: All customers pay 25% VAT (included in the displayed price) and shipping fee SEK 39 is added to all orders (that are not collected here in Färjestaden). Time for delivery is one work day.

The following holds for customers in zone 2: All customers pay Swedish VAT 25% (included in the displayed price). An EU company (outside Sweden) with a valid VAT number do not pay Swedish VAT. The checkout page has a line for VAT numbers. VAT should be taken away from the price if this is filled. Shipping fee SEK 72 ( + SEK 18 VAT if applicable) is added to all orders. Time for delivery is 2-5 work days.

The following holds for customers in zone 3: Customers do not pay Swedish VAT (VAT free prices should be displayed). A customer in zone 3 may be paying customs fees in his or her country. Moody Sounds is not responsible for this. We declare the order value on the package and leave the rest to customs in your country. Shipping fee SEK 72 is added to all orders. Time for delivery is 3-14 work days.

We accept credit card payments, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and these currencies are OK to use SEK, NOK, DKK, EUR, USD.

We also accept Paypal payments.

Customers outside Sweden can not order with cash on delivery. Customers outside Sweden can not in general use prepayment to bankgiro for payments. Customers outside Sweden, who do not want to use credit card payment or PayPal, can make a prepayment/transfer for the order total, directly to our bank account, using the following bank details:

Receiver: Moody Sounds
Bank name: Swedbank / Olands bank
Swift/BIC Code: Swedsess
Iban number: SE9080000803090730900438

Other Order terms

Adding to an order
If you have just completed an order and find out you forgot something, you can place a 2nd order and have it shipped in the same package as the 1st, without having to pay double shipping fees. If you want to add to a just completed order, please contact us first and check that we have not yet packed and sent your 1st order. If you are adding to an order, chose the shipping option “store pick up” when you pay for the 2nd order.

All items in Moody’s webstore are counted and, when anything is sold, the store adjusts the number in stock. The quantity in stock is shown just below its price details. This helps you as a customer to see if a certain product is available for immediate delivery. For most products, you can not buy more than what is available in stock. If you want to buy a product that is sold out, contact us for info about availability, delivery time and so on.

Some products are possible to buy without being available in stock. In this case, the store will inform you “available on backorder” at this product. This is the case mostly for assembled kit-pedals (the parts are in stock but it is not assembled). Also, some products that sell much and which we have short delivery time from wholesale store, are available on these terms. Please contact for further details on delivery time for a product with these terms.

We see over stock quantity on a regular basis. Still, it can happen that the stock quantity is wrong. If this happens, that you buy a product that is not available for immediate delivery, we will contact you and we will agree on what is best for you.

Quantity discounts
Some of the products in Moody Sounds store are sold for lower unit price if you buy more than a certain quantity. A quantity discount is specified right below the unit price for the product in question. If you put a certain amount of a certain product in your shopping cart, the corresponding quantity discount should be displayed when you go to checkout to pay for your order.

If you want to cancel a purchase of a Moody product you have right to a refund. This is provided that the product is returned to us first and that it is in the same condition as when you bought it. If you for instance, want to cancel a purchase of a kit the refund is made provided you have not begun assembling the kit.

Right after cancellation is due to 14 days after you have received the product. It does not include the returning postage fee.

If you have used Paypal as a payment option for the products you want a refund for, Moody Sounds does not cover the costs that Paypal added when the purchase was carried out. The refund is made to the same Paypal account that was used when the purchase was made.

Product Reclamation
If a product that you have ordered from us does not match its description in Moody’s webstore, you have the right to do a reclamation and receive money back. Your right to receive money back holds for “a reasonable time” after the day of delivery for the order in question. Read more about product reclamation at

Your account at Moody Sounds
When you create an account at Moody Sounds you give us your name, shipping address, email address and, if you want to, your telephone number. Creating an account also means that you accept that we store your contact details to complete orders from Moody Sounds store. We will not give this information to anyone else. You may have asked to receive news letters from us. If you are receiving newsletters from us, and don’t want to, please let us know by replying to the next newsletter and we will remove your email address from our list.

Enligt Personuppgiftslagen har du rätt att få den information som Moody Sounds har registrerat om dig. Du kan begära att informationen ska rättas eller tas bort. Kontakta oss i så fall. Läs mer om integritetspolicy.

Other order terms
If you place an order and do not pay for it within 20 days, your order will be deleted.