General info on Moody kits

Moody’s kits contain all the components needed to build a complete boutique pedal with high quality. The circuits are often inspired by pedal classics but are not direct clones. Each kit includes a “modification kit” that you can change the basic circuit with and find new sounds. If you have a component collection in the chest of drawers, and do not need the complete kit, it’s also good to pick up parts and circuit boards free from the online store. Or why not buy “kit without box” and combine with one of our painted boxes.

A well-written step by step manual describes how to assemble the pedal. First, components are placed on the PCB, and then wires are connected between the PCB and the other parts of the pedal. The manual is available for download from the site’s presentation page.

The manual provides suggestions on how to modify the circuit and describes what components do with the sound. Use Moody’s component selection or chose the values ​​yourself and find your unique sound! A bag with modification components is included in each kit. Under “Downloads” is a more detailed modification guide for some pedals. To make these mods, you may need to complete the purchase with the purchase of separate parts.

In addition to a soldering iron, it may be good to have access to a flat pliers and a side cutter. The wires that are included in the kit are not scaled. The work is facilitated if you have access to a good wire stripper.

The build requires some patience but no direct knowledge of electronics. A build is rated with a level of difficulty. It has been estimated by the number of components in the circuit, how closely they are on the PCB and how many pots and switches the pedal has.

Design the box yourself! The boxes are not painted. Choose colour and coat yourself, put on a sticker with a pair of layers of clear varnish on top. It will be cannon-cool! Sticker with motif is included in most of Moody’s kits. The alternative is to buy a transparent A4 sticker “pedal label” and make designs and paste yourself.

Box without drilled holes. Do you want to drill the holes yourself and place controls in other places? No problem. Write it in your order email or purchase the kit without box and box separately.

Support. If the pedal does not work ? Contact us for support! If your Moody pedal does not work despite support and serious attempts, send it here and we will fix it. Moody Sounds does not stand for the freight back and forth in this case. If you want to get the pedal fixed, it will cost you back and some compensation for your work. If any pedal has to be replaced, additional cost for this, for pricing, is to be found, see the corresponding section under “Pedal parts” or ask!

Support for kits sold further. If you purchased a built-in kit, which no one from Moody Sounds has built, and if this pedal is strange, we offer to repair this for a reasonable price.

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