Analog Reverb kit (Sat 28 sep morning)

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Klass: Fortgeschritten / Advanced

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Prebooking for the Mannheim workshop 2019 is closed. If you have not booked a kit there is still a possibility to join. Go to Moody Sounds booth at the workshop and see if the workshop is not full and if the kit you want to build is available! I will bring a few extra kits to the show. You can pay for the kit with paypal when the workshop begins.

Take part in the workshop at Guitar Summit Mannheim this year (2019) and build this kit! All parts needed for building a complete pedal is included. If you want to use your own tools, bring those. If not, you can borrow tools from us.

BJF Analog Reverb kit is being built on Saturday 28th Sep at the Guitar Summit Mannheim, between 9.30-13.30. 

Fee for the workshop and the kit itself is included in the price. Entrance fee for the show is purchased separately.

Printed manual to all BJF kits are included.

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Analog Reverb is based on BJF Universal Reverb but this kit has a built-in tank (Accutronis long decay). The tank fits in the large 1590dd box and the pedal has the same three buttons as the uni-reverb: Mix, Dwell 1 and Dwell 2. The kit also includes the tank. True bypass. Nice, shimmering reverb!

Build manuals

Level of difficulty: 4 (of 5)
The manual for Analog Reverb kit (Swedish)


These go to 11 (Sweden)
Primo FX (USA)
LEP International (Japan)