Carlin Compressor kit (Fri 27 sep morning)

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If you want to take part in the workshop at Guitar Summit Mannheim this year (2019) and if you want to build this kit, order it here! We will bring the kit to the workshop. All parts needed for building a complete pedal is included. If you want to use your own tools, bring those. If not, you can borrow tools from us.

Carlin Compressor kit is being built on Friday 27th Sep at the guitar Summit Mannheim, between 9.30-13.30. 

Fee for the workshop and the kit itself is included in the price. Entrance fee for the show is purchased separately.

Printed manual to all Carlin kits are included.

Währung ändern

We make a reissue of a classic Swedish pedal, the Carlin Compressor, and the clone is available as a DIY kit. Nils Olof Carlin, who designed and built the pedals in the 70’s, has okey’ed this pedal and the manual. We added things that has come to be standard among boutique pedals, such as true bypass, LED on in effects mode and input jack on the right side, but we have not made any changes to the audio circuit.

New PCB layout june 2016! The PCB has been redesigned to simplify the build. The circuit is identical with the previous version (and with the original). The new design makes it possible to inculde a battery in the box 

“I borrowed a Carlin Compressor and it is one of the best pedals I have used. It has got to be made more known” – Reine Fiske

” Pedalen anpassar sin förstärkning till gitarrsignalens styrka. Om du slår an en sträng börjar tonen normalstarkt. Men allt eftersom den blir svagare ökar förstärkningen, och tonen dör ut mycket långsammare. När du slår an nästa ton minskar förstärkningen direkt till normal tonstyrka. “Sustain”- poten ställer in max förstärkning för svaga signaler – också biljud som strängskrap, brus och brum. Ställ den inte högre än du tycker du behöver (justerar du den får du justera “Vol”-poten också). Vol och Dist-potarna är självförklarande.” – Nils Olof Carlin

Carlin’s own words behind the story behind the pedal

Build manual

Level of difficulty: 4 (of 5)
The manual to Carlin Compressor kit (v2.2, English)
The manual to Carlin Compressor kit (v2.2, Swedish)

Earlier versions

Carlin Compressor kit (English)
Carlin Compressor kit (Swedish)
Carlin Compressor kit layout I (English)
Carlin Compressor kit layout I (Swedish)