Fix click-free and soft true bypass with Lehle’s bypass module! It can be installed in virtually all our pedal kits. To switch to Lehle bypass you need, in addition to the module, a momentary, normally open (NO) switch such as this one.

The module can be run in three different modes:

  1. Latching bypass, the same as with a mechanical 3pdt, that is, the pedal changes position when pressed and then stops in this position.
  2.  Momentary bypasse. The pedal stays in effects mode only as long as the button is held down.
  3. Combined bypass. With a quick button press you have latching bypass. A long push is momentary bypass.

You change the mode by unplugging the power cable, holding down the button, inserting the power cable and releasing the button after 1, 2 or 3 LED flashes corresponding to modes 1, 2, 3. More detailed description in the data sheet, see below.

So that Lehle’s module really increases the possibilities with the pedals. In latching mode, we have, as we have already pointed out, a really soft and click-free change. The relay, which controls the circuit, is also fast, and you do not hear any silence when the change occurs. Momentary bypass naturally provides better opportunities to control when the pedal is to be active.

To be able to perform the installation, you must find out where the pedal’s plus and minus poles are. You also need to find out where the signal goes in and out of the circuit. Download the module data sheet and pdf that describes the installation of the module in a Moody Drive (Swedish), linked below.


Difficulty: varies
Download the LEHLE MODULE SW Datasheet V1.0
Installation of Lehle module in a Moody Drive (Swedish)

Product description from the manufacturer

• Compact true bypass switching unit
• Equipped with a gold-plated contact relay for lossless signal routing
• Active pop suppression circuit
• Can be used as AB switch
• Three different operating modes: Latching, Momentary or Mixed Mode
• Fits perfectly to the LEHLE SWITCH BTN
• Open frame version without leads

The LEHLE MODULE SW is a true bypass switching unit with relay and an active pop suppression function controlled by an intelligent microcontroller circuit. Thereby allowing the LEHLE MODULE SW to switch even faster than mechanical switches, noise-free and without wear. In combination with the LEHLE SWITCH BTN it is the perfect replacement for the standard 3PDT latching switch, which can be unreliable and noisy.

The size of the module is smaller than a 9-volt battery – so if it’s used as true bypass unit, it can be easily placed in the battery compartment of an effects pedal. The LEHLE MODULE SW can also be used to switch between two instruments with one amp, or vice versa, between two ampswith one instrument.

The three operating modes make the LEHLE MODULE SW work as either a latching or momentary switch, allowing for short or rhythmic stutter-effects. The third mode combines a mixture of operating mode one and two: a short press engages the latching function and a long press is momentary. Enjoy your next step – with the LEHLE MODULE SW.

Download LEHLE MODULE SW Datasheet V1.0


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