Lehle P split clone is for you who are looking to split the signal in a professional way.  Run two different amps with Lehle P split clone, without risks of signal losses, ground loops or interference!

P split is based on Lehle’s LTHZ transformer, which is one of the best on the market. It is covered in mu-metal, which give perfect shielding from external fields.

Lehle Psplit clone was worked out in a cooperation between MoodySounds and Lehle. The DIY kit is available from MoodySounds only!

The pedal is built in one of our standard boxes, 120x65x40 mm, which makes it easy to fit on a pedal board. The box has drilled holes for in- and output jacks and phase inverter and ground lift switches. The splitter is passive and requires no power supply to do the job. All parts needed to build a complete pedal is included in this kit even sticker decal, wires and solder.

The manual has been read through by Lehle personally. Read more about Lehle pedals.

“I read the PDF manual carefully and I think it is perfect! Technically I haven’t found any fault and it seems to be written in a way that many users will understand it.” – Lehle

Build manual

Level of difficulty: 2 (of 5)
The manual for P split clone (English)


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