With Lehle’s switch module and fantastic soft monentarty switch, we make a kit based on the Little Lehle pedal. The Little Lehle mono kit is a true bypass loop that lets you kick in an effect (or chain of fx) that connects to the pedal’s send-return loop with true bypass. Little Lehle mono kit can also be used as an AB box.

The module can be run in three different modes and you program which of them in a smart way, see below. Of course, it is natural to run it in “latching mode”, that is, the switch stops in the position you set it in. But for some occasions it may be cool to run it in “momentary mode”. Then it sends the signal to the loop only during the time the button is held down and returns to the bypass when the button is released.

If you want to go a little further, you can build the kit with Lehle’s switch module without cover. Then you have to connect the cables to the board yourself. The switch module with cover iis ncluded in this kit, the cables are already connected to the module and everything you need to do to solder them on switch, jack and LED. Thus a not so difficult build.

Unlike the original, Little Lehle mono can only handle mono signals. Another thing that sets the kit apart from the original is that you must have a power supply of the correct polarity, center negative (most common).

The pedal is built in one of our standard enclosures, 120x65x40 mm, which makes the looper an easily placed pedal on the board. The box has drilled holes for inputs and outputs as well as send and return, 9v jack and switch. All parts are included in the kit including sticker, solder and wires.


Level of difficulty: 2 (of 5)
Download the manual for Little Lehle mono kit (English)


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