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Lehle LTHZ transformer is a central part in many of Lehle’s pedals. You can buy it separately from Moody Sounds!

The only complete pedal kit based on this trafo, that is available from us right now, is Lehle P split clone kit. The LTHZ transformer is probably the best you can find on the market today, reliable and solid, mumetal shielded. Can also treat stereo signals.

Comparison LTMZ vs LTHZ transformer

“The LTMZ is the best choice for mid impedance signals like signals with a source impedance from 0 – 1 kOhm. The LTHZ can easily handle source impedances of 10 kOhm like from an electric guitar.

The LTMZ has more headroom at the low end as the LTHZ which plays no role with electric guitars. So the LTMZ is perfect for studio line levels and the LTHZ is perfect for guitars.”

Download data sheet for LTHZ transformator