Zeygot mod (for Moody Fuzz)

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The Zeygot Mod is an extra that you can add to your Moody Fuzz pedal. Learn more about Zeygot Fuzz. The mod is fairly simple and it can be done on all versions of Moody Fuzz, but easiest on current PCB’s, “Sep 12”.

The Zeygot mode is actually a short circuit of the inputs and outputs of the pedal via a light-sensitive resistor and a capacitor and a Noise potentiometer that controls how strong the feedback is.

This is a fairly easy mod. You need to drill holes for the pot and the sensor in suitable places and connect 5-6 wires to the old circuit.

The Zeygot Fuzz includes an additional potentiometer for adjusting noise, and pot knob, a pair of passive components, light sensor “LDR” with socket and solder and wires.

This kit is for those who already have a Moody Fuzz and want to Zeygot mod it. The manual describes how to do it on Fuzz PCB’s marked “Sep 12”. If you have an earlier version of Moody Fuzz, you can also do the mod. You can follow the manual, have questions that will be yours!


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