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Moody Tremolo is one of the first Moody kits (2006). The circuit is inspired by (not a clone of) the well known EA tremolo, a straight forward and plain circuit from the 60’s. Simple, yet it creates a top quality tremolo sound. The component values have been trimmed a few times through the years, and the latest update was made in Jul 20 (v4). Below is a pdf which shows how to update a tremolo 2006-2014 into a 2015 (update from a v3.0 to a v3.1). The version v4, which is for sale today, have these updates and more.

Moody Tremolo kit

Moody Tremolo kit is based on a sinewave oscillator. This makes the volume shift between high and low in a smooth way. With the pedals’ two control knobs, Depth and Speed, you can adjust how much the volume reduces in the tremolo dips as well as the interval between them. You can notice a small treble cut each time the volume goes down and that sets a dreamy touch to the tone. The LED-lamp blinks in time with the swings in effects mode.

Moody Tremolo kit has true bypass. The signal is buffered by a FET (field effects transistor) and it gives the pedal high input impedance.

Some may say that a useful tremolo pedal should have a volume control also and this version has one. When it is set to max position you will get a light volume boost.

Sound sample: Moody Tremolo

Build Manuals

Level of difficulty: 3 (of 5)
The Manual for Moody Tremolo kit (Swedish)

Earlier versions

Moody Tremolo kit v4 manual (sep 16 – jun20 English)
Moody Tremolo kit v3.1 manual (apr 15 – sep 16 English)
Moody Tremolo kit v3.0 manual (ca. 11 – apr 15 English)
Moody Tremolo kit v2 manual (ca. 08- 11 English)
Moody Tremolo kit v1 manual (ca. 06 – 08 English)

Suggestions for modifications Moody Tremolo kit (v3.1 Swedish)


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