Handmade vintage style Tremolo. Control knobs for Speed ​​and Depth. Pure analogue tremolo! Newly made after a recipe from 1968. This is the first circuit to become a moody pedal and it has recently been cleaned up a bit. Component values ​​have been tweaked, giving greater scope in both controls: fastest max speed ​​and deeper depth. Also we minimized the bypass-popping and corrected so that the LED goes out in bypass when it is powered with supply voltages up to 18v.

Moody Tremolo is controlled by sinus waves and it gives a roundness and softness to the tremolo tone. You set the tremolo depth with the pedal’s Depth control lnob. Speed sets the interval between the volume dips. Speed range is between about 1 Hz and 10 Hz. The LED blinks in time to the tremolo tempo in effects mode.

If  we would recommend a power supply for this pedal, it would be the 12V DC Mascot (available in the store). The 12 volts gives it a deeper depth with Depth turned to max. Moody Tremolo has True Bypass.

This pedal is also available as a DIY kit, Moody Tremolo kit.


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