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Octorsion is a combination of two effects, octave up and distortion. Four knobs: volume, dist, octave and tone. The dist knob has a very big range and in the min position the sound is without distortion. Almost max gives a powerful yet “normal” dist. Max mode is a nasty hard dist that squeezes everything that goes out of the circuit. The octave knob is connected as a mix knob and you can get only dist or octave up, or a combination of both. It also means that you can get completely clean octave up if dist is in min and octave in max.

The volume knob is a traditional voltage divider max to zero volume out. The tone knob is a combined high- and low-pass filter so you can pick out the treble or bass of the tone.

Text and logo are an engraving.

True bypass. 9V “center negative”. No battery. Power supply not included.

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  1. Brian Johnston

    Octorsion is a rather diverse pedal based on its dual-functions, with distortion and an octave up blend merging together. I have reviewed other such pedals, but found them more specific to that heavy stoner or proto-metal type music, which is perfectly fine. The Octorsion, on the other hand, works very well if you want that heavy and thick distortion/fuzz quality, but it offers so much more. First, you can dial in just a bit of distortion (with or without a bit of octave) for a classic Rock sound (as well as adding a hint to an already driven amp to drive it harder). Dialing it up provides some nasty sounding distortion that would sit well with Thrash Metal, whether playing rhythm or lead. Next, adding just a bit of Octave fattens the tone, but not in an exaggerated way (you don’t really hear that high-end octave jump through as it tends to blend exceptionally well with your guitar’s tone and the pedal’s distortion). Of course, the Octave function can be used independently and without the Distortion if you want some added dimension to your amp’s tone, whether clean or driven. Overall, the Octave is highly complementary rather than boisterous or super obvious. My favorite setting for rhythm is to have the Distortion close to 12-noon and the Octave about 9-o’clock (a solid heavy crunch with some added fullness). However, the demo included with this review goes through various settings that range from subtle to intense. There is an issue of dialing in both Octave and Distortion, which is not problematic, but it takes a few seconds of tweaking. When cranking the Distortion the volume increases (as it’s driving the circuit harder), whereas mixing in the Octave reduces the volume somewhat. Consequently, although both Octave and Distortion work very well together and sound great, you will need to adjust volume somewhere (on the pedal, from your guitar or amp, or via a volume pedal) if you prefer different combinations of Octave and Distortion in your playing. Here is the demo I created for this pedal:


    Overall this is one of the better drive/distortion + octave pedals I have tried because of its overall sound (great distortion tone), but also the flexibility of the tones and how well the octave compliments the distortion (rather than dominates it). Both the Distortion and Octave can be dialed all the way off or all the way on – and any combination thereof. This flexibility has the Distortion ranging from a very light crunch when turned up slightly to being very gnarly and intense when cranked beyond 1-o’clock. The Octave is that added bonus that, as stated, creates an element of fullness without dominating the tone; it acts as a supporting facet to the primary tone and to help push through the mix. At about $155 USD (depending on exchange rate at the time when ordering direct from Moody Sounds in Sweden), the Octorsion is a very averaged priced pedal that offers a lot of flavors, whether driving your dirty amp just a little harder or converting your clean channel into a Rock machine. You can achieve light crunch and filthy bluesy leads, all the way to heavy thick grungy tones and even ripping buzzcut sounds. The Octorsion also has a cool industrial look, with its bare metal aluminum chassis and laser etched writing/graphics.

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