Lehle Reamping kit (Tele IN)

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We have cooperated with Lehle to do the Reamping kit. There has been some questions whether this pedal should have a tele or an XLR input. This is the version with tele in. 

You can use the Reamping kit to play a sound file, a recored guitar, in an guitar amplifier. The pedal fixes an impedance conversion and simulates that the signal is coming directly from the mics of the guitar. You can relax in the studio and make adjustments after the musicians have gone home.

Reamping kit is made in cooperation with Lehle and is built on their high quality LTMZ transformer for best sound quality.

This kit is available from MoodySounds only!

The circuit is built in one of our standard boxes, 120x65x40 mm. It has drilled holes for in- and outputs as well as ground lift switch and volume pot. Reamping kit is passive and requires no power supply to work. All necessary parts are inluded in this kit and also sticker decal, solder, and wires..

The manual has been viewed by Lehle personally. Read more about Lehle pedals.


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