Tremolo kit (Sat 28 sep afternoon)

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If you want to take part in the workshop at Guitar Summit Mannheim this year (2019) and if you want to build this kit, order it here! We will bring the kit to the workshop. All parts needed for building a complete pedal is included. If you want to use your own tools, bring those. If not, you can borrow tools from us.

BYOC Tremolo kit is being built on Saturday 28th Sep at the Guitar Summit Mannheim, between 14.00-18.00.

Fee for the workshop and the kit itself is included in the price. Entrance fee for the show is purchased separately.

Note: printed manuals to BYOC kits are not included. Print it yourself or read it online as you build!

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The tremolo has become one of b.y.o.c.’s most popular kits through word of mouth. And with good reason….the difficulty of the build is low, it’s simple to use, and it just sounds good. This kit is based on the EA (Electronics Austrailia) Tremolo. It’s a great vintage sounding trem like you would you set the volume level. The amplitude modulation is done with transistors, so unlike most opto-coupler based trems, you don’t get an “on/off” sound on slower speed settings and there is much less current draw. It’s also a lot easier to build. And the LED status light blinks in time with the speed.

Build manual

Level of diffficulty: 3 (of 5)
Download the manual to Byoc Tremolo kit