Analog Reverb kit (incl. tank)

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Analog Reverb kit with built in tank with long decay-time.

Analog Reverb is based on BJF Universal Reverb but this kit has a built-in tank (Accutronis long decay). The tank fits in the large 1590dd box and the pedal has the same three buttons as the uni-reverb: Mix, Dwell 1 and Dwell 2. The kit also includes the tank. True bypass. Nice, shimmering reverb!

Equipped with a delayed switching circuit which means that unwanted sounds from the reverb tank is not heard when switching. The effect comes on gradually when switching from bypass.

Build manuals

Level of difficulty: 4 (of 5)
The manual for Analog Reverb kit (English)

Analog Reverb kit v1.2 (English)
Analog Reverb kit v1.2 (Swedish)


These go to 11 (Sweden)
Primo FX (USA)
LEP International (Japan)

1 review for Analog Reverb kit (incl. tank)

  1. Jared

    Nice build, good instructions, great spring sound!

    Build log here if you’re interested:

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