Control harmonics, sustain and noise with your foot! Zeygot Fuzz eye has an extra switch and you can boost, amplify or get a lot of feedback in selected places. You can “tweak” the tones by controlling the light flow to the light sensor, “the eye”.

Zeygot Fuzz Eye is basically a silicone fuzz but it has an extra control knob, Noise, and it sets how much feedback you should get when you press the extra button. The control interacts with the sensor. With the settings and the right feeling, it is possible to get extra boost + sustain + noise that fits in rocknroll. If you max the knobs, you get more what to say experimental sounds.

Zeygot Fuzz is available in two different versions, “eye” which is controlled by the light flow to a sensor / an eye, and “fsr” which is controlled by the pressure on a force sensitive resistor. The pedal has gone through a couple of development stages and below are demos on the Zeygot Fuzz eye without noise on/off switch and Zeygot Fuzz momentary switch without eye.

True bypass. 9V “center negative” power supply or battery. Power supply is not included.

Zeygot Fuzz is like all moody pedals hand built in Sweden.

MOrE info

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The user’s manual for Zeygot Fuzz Eye (English)


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