The Mimosa

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Om den här pedalen är leveransklar idag så finns den på Hyllan. Leveranstid vid restorder, då även byggsatsen (under ”deluxe”) är slutsåld, är tre till fyra veckor.

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Known for its incredibly transparent compression and low noise floor with just a hint of added warmth, it’s a favorite alternative to the typical OTA-based compressors guitar players usually have to choose from. We stayed true to the original circuit for the most part. We include a few extra components to make it more bass friendly. So if you’re a bass player, the kit comes stock with everything you need. Just follow the instructions on how to change it over to bass specs. The only real change we made to the original circuit was the addition of a cross-fade dry blend control.

Den här pedalen finns även som DIY byggsats, Mimosa kit.


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